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anime anything

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hey there. im erikaferika and im the maintainer of this community.

this is where my friends and i post drawings/pictures of anything and everything. if you'd like to join fire away, but there are some rules we'd like you to follow.

1. please dont post anything inappropriate in this community.
2. do not post some elses artwork and claim it as your own, give due credit.
3. while we here at anime_conqueso encourage expressing oneself, doing so in a rude or vulgar fashion WILL get you kicked out.
4. be polite to the othe members, you only get one warning so play nice.
5. please put all large pictures and long posts behind an lj-cut, in respect to members with slower internet connections and impatient people who dont like waiting a bazillion years for a page to load.
have a nice day =0).